A Welcome Notification is a special notification that can be displayed on a user's device when it interacts with the first beacon detected by the SDK, over a given period of time. For instance, when a user arrives at an airport, you can configure a notification with a welcome message and information about services in the premises.

A Welcome Notification can be displayed in addition to the default beacon notification, or can replace it.

Our SDK allows to configure 2 Welcome Notifications per application, depending on whether or not the user has internet access ("Network ON" or "Network OFF").

Duration of Welcome Notifications

A minimum display time is associated with each Welcome Notification.

The SDK tries to cancel the Welcome Notification every time a user moves out of a beacon's region:

  • if there are no other nearby beacons, the Welcome Notification is automatically cancelled.
  • if there are nearby beacons, the SDK maintains the display of the Welcome Notification up until the display time is reached

While the user remains whithin reach of the first beacon, the notification does not disappear unless the user manually deletes it.

If the device's internet connection status changes

If the internet connection status switches while a Welcome Notification is displayed, the next time the user's device moves out from a beacon region, and if there are still nearby beacons, the current Welcome Notification will be replaced with the notification associated to the new internet connection status.


A user has a smart phone connected to the 3G network. He or she enters a building and comes within reach of a beacon for the first time in the day (or whatever duration has been configured). This triggers the display of the Welcome Notification associated with the status "network ON".

The smartphone then looses access to the internet. This means that once the user exits the current beacon's zone and comes within reach of another one, the SDK will replace the Welcome Notification and display the new one associated to "network OFF" for the duration of its display time.

Defining the first beacon detected by the SDK

The definition of the first beacon detected by the SDK is manageable using the ATFirstNotificationTester delegate or the FirstNotificationTester interface.

The SDK comes with a default FirstNotificationTester implementation class.

This implementation class considers the first detected beacon to be the beacon which is detected **X units of time ** after the last welcome notification.

  • X has a default setting of 12 hours.