A Welcome Notification is a specific notification that can be displayed on a user's device, when it interacts with the first zone detected by the SDK after a given period of time. For example, when passengers arrive at an airport, the airport app can choose to display a notification the first time that their phone interacts with any one of the zones in the network, to push a welcome message and general information about the premises.

Our SDK allows to configure one Welcome Notification per application.

You can activate and configure this Welcome Notification directly in Herow, in the dedicated Welcome Notification section

Welcome Notification Data Structure & Settings

Welcome Notifications follow a similar data structure to “regular” zone notifications:

  • a notification title
  • a description (optional)
  • an image associated with the notification (optional)
  • a textToSpeech text: if the textToSpeech is activated at SDK Level (optional)
  • a deep link: a URI used to open a page of your application (optional)

Herow also allows you to manage four additional settings:

  • A Min Notification Interval (described below)
  • A Maximum Number of Notifications (described below)
  • a Minimum display time (described below)
  • a Replace Default Notification setting (described below)

About the Min Notification Interval

A Welcome Notification is displayed on a user's smartphone when it interacts with the first zone detected by the SDK after a given period of time. This timeframe can be configured directly in Herow, through the Notification Interval, which is equivalent to the minimum time lapse between two Welcome Notifications. By default, its value is set to 12 hours: in other words, if a Welcome Notification has already been displayed on a user’s smartphone upon entering a zone area, the SDK will have to wait 12 hours before a new one can be triggered.

About the Maximum Number of Notifications

This is the maximum number of Welcome Notifications that a user can receive in the app (default = 1).

About the Minimum Display Time

Welcome Notifications are linked with the first zone detected by a smartphone after the timeframe defined in Herow (see above). When users exit the action range of this first zone, two scenarios can take place:

  • Either no additional nearby zone is detected by their phone, which causes the Welcome Notification to be automatically cancelled by the SDK.


While users remains within reach of the first zone, the notification will not disappear unless they manually delete it.

  • Or, their phone detects other zone(s) in its surroundings – in this case, the Welcome Notification is assured to remain displayed for a minimum amount of time: this is the Minimum Display Time.

Every time a user moves out of a zone’s region, the SDK checks if the Minimum Display Time is reached, and if so, it cancels the corresponding Welcome Notification. If not, and if the user is still in the action range of a zone in the network, then the Welcome Notification remains displayed until there is a new range exit (or until the user manually deletes it).

About the Replace Default Notification setting

This setting allows you to choose whether or not to display the default zone notification in addition to the Welcome Notification.

In other words:

  • If you switch ON, then users receive two notifications when they interact with the first zone of the selected timeframe: the default zone notification and the Welcome Notification.
  • If the switch is OFF, then users only receive the Welcome Notification