HEROW and Iterable are powering the future of location-based engagement.

The Herow SDK provides a hyper-accurate understanding of where your users go, empowering Iterable to send real-time, location-based messages to engage users when the moment is right.


This integration requires both an Iterable and Herow account.

If you’re not already an Iterable client, click here to request a demo and discuss how the Iterable-Connecthings integration can work for you.

Our support team is available to help you on this at support[at]herow.io.

Integration Overview

  • Set up the Iterable SDK (learn more reading the Iterable documentation)

  • Set up the Herow SDK (learn more reading the Herow documentation) in your app.

  • Confirm you have set a common User ID between Iterable and Herow to be able to match a Herow location event with an Iterable user. Herow works with phone id (IDFV for iOS and device id for Android) or advertiser id (IDFA for iOS and GAID for Android).

  • Activate the “integration” option on the Herow dashboard and enter your Iterable API Key in the dedicated partner page.

Setup Steps

  1. Create an Iterable API Key:

Iterable API Key

  1. Copy and paste Iterable API Key to Herow dashboard > App settings > Integrations > Mobile engagement partner > Iterable. See below:

Herow Partnership dashboard

  1. Configure the Herow Console. Once set up, the Herow SDK will automatically track location events and forward them to Iterable, allowing you to easily engage with your users.

  2. Confirm that you are seeing Herow Events in the Iterable dashboard. The best way to do this is to test an event in Herow with an existing user in Iterable. Once Herow has sent the event, look up the user in Iterable and check the Events log. See the below example:

Iterable Events Log

For any question, please contact our support team at support[at]herow.io.