The Herow SDK allows your app to connect to the Herow platform.

The documentation is available for both platform.

What you will learn

You will learn to simulate your zone's entries or exits

Note: Prerequisites: You are supposed to have already configured the SDK. To do this, please refer to 5 minQuickstart You can refer to our dedicated tutorial

Prerequisites - What you need to get started

Mocking geofences with Herow

Set a campaign on Herow platform

Get the hash

Mocking geofences KEY Copy the hash of the zone you want to test

Implement the Mock system

    public void onCreate() {
    	int delay = 10000; // start emitting (entry)  after 10 000 milliseconds
		int stopdelay = delay + 10000; // stop  emitting (exit) after 10 000 milliseconds after the entry
        HerowDetectionManager instance =  HerowDetectionManager.getInstance();
        instance.emit("my zone hash", delay);

Generate your first mocked notification

  1. Install the application

  2. Accept the location permission and notification permission

  3. Close your application or leave it running in the background

  4. Wait the delay you had specified.

  5. A notification should appear


To increase the efficiency of the Mock System , make sure that the campagn has geodetection set to off in the app settings section on Herow dashboard to avoid interferences between mock and real system.