What you will learn

This tutorial will teach you:

  • Why and How GDPR impacts the HEROW SDK

  • How to use the SDK built-in methods to make your app be compliant with GDPR.

Why and How GDPR Impact the HEROW SDK

The core functionalities of the HEROW SDK encompass the use of location data & unique identifiers (Phone ID, Advertising ID and Custom ID) which are considered personnal data.

Hence, the HEROW SDK must collect an explicit consent through users' opt-in to be able to use these information and display it in its platform.

As consequences:

  • GDPR opt-in (USER_DATA) is set by default to FALSE.
  • If GDPR optin is not updated, no information will be used by the SDK, henceforth, displayed on HEROW.
  • If the end-user opt-out (value remains set to FALSE), the HEROW SDK & platform won't:

    • Collect information (IDs & location).

    • Diplay any information regarding this specific user.

The SDK comes with two opt-ins:

  • the USER_DATA opt-in: to authorize Location & ID collection - Required to comply with GDPR.

  • the STATUS opt-in: HEROW monitoring tool to verify that the SDK runs correctly .

    • Default value = TRUE

How to use the SDK build-in methods

Step 1: Test opt-in status

The method optinsNeverAsked from the HerowInitializer returns true if the opt-ins have never been asked. If so, ask your users' consent:

if (herowInitializer.optinsNeverAsked()) {
  // ask the user to validate the optins

Step 2: Modify opt-in status

The method updateOptin from the HerowInitializer allows to update the opt-in value.

herowInitializer.updateOptin(OPTIN.USER_DATA, true);

Step 3: Notify an opt-in update to the SDK

Once opt-ins updated, you must notify the SDK about by calling allOptinsAreUpdated from the HerowInitializer.


Calling this method will start the remote sync of your users' opt-ins on HEROW.

Note 1:

If the user is offline, or the synchronization with the Herow Platform meets an error, the SDK will automatically retry to synchronize the opt-ins with the Herow Platform later on.

Note 2:

Bear in mind that a user can opt-in update anytime. Always remind to call allOptinsAreUpdated method after an opt-in update.

Step 4: Check the opt-in status

Use isOptinAuthorized method from the HerowInitializer to check an opt-in status.