HEROW Click & Collect

To enable the HEROW SDK to continue tracking end-users location events (such as geofences' detection and position statements) happening in a Click & Collect context when the app is in background.

These methods are to be called during an active session (app in Foreground) which will enable the SDK to continue tracking the end-user when the app is put in background.

Note 1:

This method only works if the end-user's runtime location permission is at least set to WhileInUse.

Android prevents apps requesting the Always Location Runtime Permission from collecting background location data before the user grants the full location permission.

Note 2:

By default, the Click & Collect background service will timeout after 2 hours. This is meant to preserve the initial objective of this feature to locate end-users in the background for Click & Collect scenarios and not provide continuous background tracking.

How to start the Click & Collect

Call the following method to enable the background service:

In Java


In Kotlin


How to stop the Click & Collect

Call the following method to disable the background service:

In Java


In Kotlin