HEROW's SDK provides various logs to monitor the zone detection activity in the console, which you can leverage to debug your application. The logs are printed in the xCode Console Log and in the Phone Console Log.

This allows to debug the notification process even if the application has not been launched from xCode.

To debug on your device runtime console, import ConnectPlaceCommon module and add the following lines in your project

[[GlobalLogger shared] startDebug];

To have all logs on a local file in the device, add the following line

[[GlobalLogger shared] startLogInFile];

Analyzing SDK logs

Monitoring the zone scanning process

To monitor the zone scanning process, filter the logs on the message start resolving process for.

Monitoring the notification process

To monitor the notification process, filter the logs on the message notification.

Monitoring the in-app action process

To monitor the in-app action process, filter the logs on the message inAppAction.